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4600 48th Street at Salem
Lubbock, Texas 79414


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This confessional document was adopted by the Session on November 14, 1993 as Covenant Presbyterian Church's statement of faith. Its adoption was the culmination of a year of congregational data gathering, study, and discussion.

Covenant people are pilgrim people.
  God's call to a covenant people always has been
    a call to live in the journey of faith
      recognizing and accepting the precariousness
        of living in the world,
      knowing that issues of life and faith are never finally settled.
  We believe that the living God is encountered
    on the journey of faith
      as the Creator who has formed all that is,
as the Christ who goes before us into the world,
as the Spirit who opens our eyes and surprises us.
  Covenant is a congregation whose journey in faith
    means to live on the boundary
      where God's sure care in our church family
        is tested by differing opinions about God's activity in the
      where tolerance and acceptance of one another's faith journeys
        venture fellowship with those different than we,
      where the value of face-to-face relationships
        limits resources for expanding ministry,
      where being on the cutting edge as Christians
        threatens disruption of the familiar and comfortable,
      where our Reformed heritage
        is challenged by God's call in a new age.

Covenant people are caring and compassionate people.
  Jesus Christ commands us to love our neighbors
    and calls us into covenant with himself,
so that we are partners in his mission
seeking ways to share Christ's love.
  Covenant strives to be a faithful congregation,
    caring for one another
      as we are empowered and strengthened by our common bond
in Jesus Christ,
    hearing and responding to needs and concerns in our life together,
joyfully celebrating the family God has given us in Covenant.
  We are pilgrims on a journey toward peace and justice in the world,
    grateful for God's faithfulness in the past,
seeking God's guidance as we move into the future,
serving our Lord as we reach out to others with love and compassion.
  As people of compassion we work
    to alleviate pain and suffering
and to promote hope and healing
      within our church family,
in the community close at hand,
and in the world beyond.

Covenant people are diverse people.
  God calls people to faith and service in different ways,
      and we respond to God's call, individually and collectively,
through a rich diversity of thoughts, words, and actions.
    Some respond through preaching or singing.
Some serve the Lord through teaching or leading.
Some answer the call through stewardship or mission activities.
All seek to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in our daily lives.
  Together we value and nurture the variety of gifts and talents
    God has bestowed upon us.
  We strive as a church community to support each other
    in vocations to which God calls us.
  Whatever the gifts that we have received
      and whatever the response that we make,
    we serve the same God,
      our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.

Covenant people are transformed people.
  Christ transforms people into contemporary Christian community by Holy Spirit
    that moves with patterns and rhythms through our lives
to create the story of our pilgrimage with God.
  Covenant's story is transformed by hearing and doing.
    The Spirit speaks as we listen to discern God's word to each of us.
The Spirit moves us to act as we are challenged to respond
      to the Good News of God's love in Jesus Christ.
  Covenant's story is transformed by gathering and going out.
    God gives unity to our diverse service in the world
      when we gather in ordered worship.
    Christ gives insight for living in a complex world
      when we gather to learn the Word.
    The Spirit gives community for life in a fragmented world
      when we gather in fellowship.
    Here we celebrate God's transforming power that recreates us
      as new people of hope and faith and service.
    From here we are sent into the world encouraged and empowered
      to express our personal faith commitments through our lives.