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4600 48th Street at Salem
Lubbock, Texas 79414


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$ 33,485


Jesus Christ commands us to love our neighbors and calls us into covenant with himself, so that we are partners in his mission seeking ways to share Christ's love. As people of compassion we work to alleviate pain and suffering and to promote hope and healing within our church family, in the community close at hand, and in the world beyond.
(from Covenant People, 1993)

In the Covenant Household, we understand that God has a plan, a mission, and that God’s mission needs a church.
The plan is there; we strive to discover it, not invent it. Our purpose is from God.

(from The Covenant Household)

This page describes the 2016 budgeted expenditures of Covenant Presbyterian Church's Outreach Committee. Covenant members realize that their prayers and personal involvement in the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ are no less important than their monetary support.

    Basic Mission Support for Palo Duro Presbytery, the Synod of the Sun, and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly, these monies are gifts with no restrictions for the overall support of adopted budgets.
    2017 Budget: $ 19,700

    Per capita provides an opportunity for all members to participate equally, responsibly, and interdependently by sharing ecclesiastical and administrative costs, including the General Assembly meeting, Office of the Stated Clerk, General Assembly Council, ecumenical participation, and communications among governing bodies and congregations.
    2017 Budget: $ 2,348

    Completely voluntary in participation, the TEF is the only source of denomination-wide funding for the eleven theological institutions of the PC (U.S.A.) and the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico. Covenant is among the 22% of PC(U.S.A.) congregations which support the TEF.
    2017 Budget: $ 1,000

    Located in Kingsville, TX, with a predominantly Hispanic student body, Pan American School is a fully accredited college preparatory high school accepting both boarding and day students. The mission of the school is to equip young people of the Americas for leadership in their world and church. The atmosphere is intentionally Christian, and each student receives technical and practical training in addition to the regular academic courses.
    2017 Budget: $ 1,000

    Through collective, experiential leadership development, West Texas Organizing Strategy trains a racially, religiously, and socio-economically diverse group of persons to exercise their democratic rights of free speech and assembly in order to advocate for better quality of life on behalf of their families, schools, and communities. One of the twelve Texas affiliates of the Industrial Areas Foundation, WTOS covers a wide region encompassing the urban and rural counties around Lubbock, Midland-Odessa, and San Angelo.
    2017 Budget: $ 3,000

    Family Promise, Inc., is a collaborative effort including local churches. Family Promise provides a structure in which churches offer short term shelter, meals, day facilities, and lodging to homeless families, aiding these families to regain self-sufficiency. Network financial support led, in 2012, to Family Promise’s move to a new, upgraded evening/overnight house in central Lubbock. Valuable casework counseling, job interview preparation, and practical training in areas such as child rearing and money management support families’ progress. Covenant members provide meals, dinner companionship, and overnight hosting for three days every quarter. Thereby, dozens of us have had first-hand acquaintance with guest families, their challenges, their optimism, and the determination and focus they exhibit in moving on to the next stage in their lives. Wednesday dinners in particular have become the responsibility of Covenant youth and their leaders—a golden opportunity for young Covenanters to take their part in Covenant’s mission to the wider community.
    2017 Budget: $2,500

    Texas Impact is a statewide religious grassroots network whose members include individuals, congregations, and governing bodies of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths statewide. It works to advance state public policies that are consistent with universally held social principles of the Abrahamic traditions. Texas Impact has kept us up to date on environmental and other issues, sponsoring a community-wide Town Hall meeting in July, 2008 about Texas health insurance. We heard stories from families whose lives have been affected negatively because of the lack of health insurance. In March 2013, Texas Impact brought to Lubbock a program on Medicaid health coverage expansion in Texas. Materials and ideas provided at the meeting were used to bring the issue to local officials and urge resolutions in support of Medicaid expansion, which would address the problem of lack of health insurance for over 23% of Lubbock County’s residents.
    2017 Budget: $100

  8. NOROC
    NOROC, Inc. is a Christ-based, non-profit organization. NOROC is a Romanian word which means "God Bless." This name also reflects NOROC’s mission: To share God's blessings by providing New Opportunities for Romanian Orphaned Children spiritually, developmentally, socially and medically. NOROC was founded to nurture abandoned children in the orphanages of Tulcea County, Romania. Their goal is to provide material necessities, medical help, educational guidance, spiritual enrichment, and loving relationships these children desperately crave.
    NOROC sponsors several programs. Big Hearted Grannies give individual attention and sensory therapy to babies and toddlers. Big Hearted Teachers provide tutoring for school age children and youth. For the first time several students are attending college. Big Hearted Friends teach skills such as sewing, cooking, and the arts.
    2017 Budget: $1,200

    The South Plains Food Bank, Inc. is committed to alleviating hunger and giving hope to the hungry. Their mission is to be a humanitarian resource responsible for securing, growing, processing, and distributing food to charitable organizations and persons in need. They also strive to provide opportunities for persons to break out of the poverty cycle.
    2017 Budget: $1,000

    The TTUHSC student-run Free Clinic is an urgent care clinic that seeks to provide free basic healthcare to the working poor and homeless population of Lubbock and concomitantly enhance student education through service to the community. The healthcare services are offered at no cost to the patient. Physicians and medical students from TTUHSC School of Medicine run the clinic and partner with Lubbock Impact, which provides the facility, reception staff, a clothes closet, Medicaid counseling, payment of prescriptions, and a free meal at 5:30 PM Wednesdays. The clinic is housed at The Family Church, corner of 34th Street and Boston Avenue.
    2017 Budget: $ 500

    PCHAS serves children and families who are facing a crisis such as death, divorce, illness, violence, homelessness, alcohol/drug abuse and other situations. The program addresses these issues while working to keep families together. The program helps remove the barriers that can prevent families from receiving the services they need. Services are provided at no cost to families in need.
    2017 Budget: $ 1,000

    Austin Seminary
    The Hispanic/Latino Ministries Council (HLMC) is intended to coordinate advocacy and development activities to benefit the Hispanic/Latino congregations within the Synod of the Sun. HLMC functions include promoting leadership development by identifying potential leaders by providing appropriate educational/financial support and experience.
    2017 Budget: $137