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4600 48th Street at Salem
Lubbock, Texas 79414


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Rehersal Wednesday, 6:45 PM
This choir sings in Lord's Day Worship each Sunday morning during the school year (September to May). The choir takes a summer break of about six weeks, with specific dates determined each year. Those interested in singing in this choir may contact Jeffrey Delman.


These services are held several times throughout the year, usually on Sunday evenings at 7:00 PM. This worship service orginated at Taizé (pronounced Tĭ-záy), an ecumenical monastery in France founded by Reformed pastor Brother Roger. (Taizé website). These services, consisting mostly of meditative, prayerful singing, draw thousands of Christians from all over the world. It offers a sense of unity in Jesus Christ, a quest for peace in the world and ourselves, and an observance of mystery. Our service is accompanied by string and wind instruments. The Worship Committee invites you to share in this deeply moving way to meditate and praise God. Covenant;s Montgomery Shalom Fund enabled this gift to the Lubbock community. Covenant's library has a collection of Taizé books and CDs (music) for use by Covenant's congregation. A labyrinth facilitator is ordinarily present at 6:00 PM. A Taizê book club often convenes at 5:15 PM before walking the labyrinth. Light refreshments are provided following the service by the Evangelism and Hospitality Committee. Schedule of Taizé services.


Tuesday, 7:00 PM Scripture Reading, 8:30 PM Centering Prayer
Using one of the Revised Common Lectionary texts for the coming Sunday, participants practice lectio divina, a way of listening to scripture and responding in discussion and prayer. Participants also respond to and discuss selected readings about centering prayer. Centering Prayer is a form of Christian contemplation that resembles other forms of meditation, yet unique in its goal—to be completely open and receptive to God and create a sacred space within for God to dwell. Participants sit quietly for twenty minutes, opening their minds and hearts to God's presence.


Covenant offers its outdoor labyrinths as tools for meditation and prayer to both the congregation and the community. You may also simply walk the path to pray with an open heart. Contact the church office for more information or referral to trained labyrinth facilitators. Our garden labyrinth was lovingly created by the women of the church. It is in the midst of a beautiful flower and herb garden which is maintained by church members. 


This group is ready to provide small repairs and home maintenance help to other members who are unable to do such chores—as replacing light bulbs, small fence repairs, seasonal yard maintenance, raking leaves, etc. If you have a project for this group, please fill out a yellow card that can be found in a pew pocket in the sanctuary, or call the church office. Check the Courier for dates and times. Work will be scheduled as requested.


This project is an opportunity for people of Covenant PC to prepare healthy meals for those who are in need. This spiritual opportunity is open to people of all ages. Loaves and Fishes meals are provided for the ill, those who are shut-in, or just need a ready to eat meal. This program not only prepares delicious food, it is also a chance to enjoy fellowship and community with the people of Covenant. Members usually cook on one Saturday of the month. Check the Courier Newsletter for dates and times.


Mondays, 5:45 to 6:45 PM, Sunroom
Instructor: Ginger Hurley
Join the journey, a path to discover your individual energy, strength and flexibility. This class will help you find balance and stability, by providing grace in motion. Yoga stretching and exercise is for all ages, genders and body types. It is self challenging, non-competitive and non-judgmental. Come in comfortable clothes and bring a mat or large towel.


Meets monthly "Morning" and "Evening" Circles
Both circles will be studying Horizon Bible Study, "Come to the Water". Women of all ages are warmly invited to attend. Evening circle meets in the homes on the 1st Monday of the month. Morning Circle meets on the 3rd Wednesday at the church. Specific meeting times and places are announced in the Courier Newsletter. Covenant women also participate annually (late May-early June) in the Mo-Ranch Women's Conference.


The library is much more than a room filled with books or a good place to visit. The library is vitally important tothe spiritual growth of the Covenant Household and the accomplishmnt of Covenant's mission. First and foremost, this is a ministry. The library must support the teaching of the Congregation. Covenant Presbyterian Church is part of the Reformed family, materials in Covenant's library will reflect that tradition. A variety of materials are available for: individuals and pastors; toddlers to older adults, couples, and families; church school teachers; church musicians, visual artists and writers; and recreation readers and viewers. The libroary isn't albout bookd-it's about getting the right resource into the right hands at the right time.

The library will be open during regular Church office hours


Covenant Kids' Worship Bags
The Covenant Kids' Worship Bags are for children ages 3 to 6 and 7 to 12; activities such as the Children's Worship Bulletin, art materials and other materials according to the season. These activities are intended for the Children's use during Lord's Day worship service.

CD's or E-mail of Lord's Day Sermons
CD recordings of each weeks sermon for members and friends who cannot attend Lord's Day worship services. The sermon is also availabe by email. Contact the church office or library to request the CD sermon or by email.


The Prayer Shawl Ministry seeks to bring hope and comfort to persons in need within our Covenant household. Shawls are handmade by knitting, crochet or quilting and are presented with written prayers from the congregation attached to the fabric. Sung blessings from the choir and voiced prayers by the Cursillo Renewal group go with the shawls when they are given to the recipient. Contact Janet Price or Joe Love Nelson for more information.