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Below are the congregation-wide outreach efforts in which Covenant members participate through the church's institutional memberships. Family Promise and West Texas Organizing Strategy (W.T.O.S.) address social justice issues.


Family Promise enables religious groups to unite to provide shelter, meals, and social service assistance to homeless families. Covenant serves as a "support" congregation by providing food and volunteers to help a "host" congregation, where families are housed at night and spend one week at a time in each host church facility. Watch the Courier for specific dates.


  1. Enables ordinary citizens to negotiate effectively on behalf of the interests and values of families, congregations, and neighborhoods.
  2. Trains its members to be effective participants in the public arena.
  3. Revitalizes and reorganizes its member institutions so that they can make the values of their religious traditions effective both in private and public life. (Check the Courier Newsletter for ways to participate).


Covenant participates in a group of churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples that invite one another to events a few times each year. We seek to know and appreciate other faith traditions and to build relationships with members of those communities. (Check the Courier Newsletter for dates and times).

Components of each event include:

A brief introduction before worship so as to be oriented in the service and know the proper worship etiquette.

  • Participation in the worship service.
  • A debriefing and learning period following worship, and usually a sharing of a meal or desserts.

These events are to be:

  • Experiential in that we will observe and participate in worship.
  • Relational in that we will take time to knwo one another and share food together.
  • Particular in that we will be guests in a service typical of each religious tradition rather than combining traditions.
  • Respectful of each religious tradition.